Local thrift shop that helps medically in need, enjoying successful start


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Gunslinger To The Rescue Thrift Store opened its doors in September. The thrift store was founded with a focus on helping those who may not be able to afford the medical equipment they need.

“To have someone come in and say, my son broke his leg and we can’t afford the wheelchair, ok what do you need? Does it have to have legs? You tell me the size, it’s whatever that particular patient or client would want,” said Gunslinger To The Rescue Thrift Store volunteer coordinator, Virginia Callahan.

Callahan said they’ve already given away items, and according to the thrift shop’s Facebook, it’s been six wheelchairs, eight walkers and a handful of bath chairs.

“We’ve given away many items and that’s why we’re here, for the medically needy, and beyond that we are loving where we are, the fact that we can be responsive to other people’s needs,” said Callahan.

This is a team effort though, Callahan said each person who works at the thrift shop is dedicated to helping others.

“It’s great to have people who like the type of work we’re doing, it’s terrific. It makes you feel good all day long coming to work,” said Callahan.

Callahan said they are thankful the Cheyenne community has come out to support them as the shop continues to grow. Gunslinger To The Rescue is always looking for more items for its thrift shop and looks forward to continuing to help those in need.

Gunslinger To The Rescue is located at 1308 South Greeley Highway and for more information you can give the shop a call at (307)-514-1115.

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