Iowa City man arrested after stealing from Church of the Nazarene overnight


IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) – An Iowa City man was arrested early Thursday morning after stealing from a church and lying to police about his identity.

A criminal complaint said 31-year-old Michael Welker entered the Church of the Nazarene in Iowa City through a window at 11:49 p.m. on Wednesday.

A person who had been sleeping there reported the break in at 1035 Wade Street.

When police arrived, Welker was seen leaving through the front door of the church carrying a bag.

Welker then ran from police, refusing to stop when officers ordered him to. The criminal complaint said Welker had to be taken to the ground and continued resisting until placed in handcuffs.

Officials said Welker broke a door and caused damage to a drawer he had broken into using a hammer and a crowbar. The bag he was carrying contained items belonging to the church with an estimated value of less than $300.

Officers found a work ID with the name Tim Frantz on it. When officers asked him if that was his name, officers said Welker nodded in agreement.

Law enforcement later determined the ID was stolen and that Welker has knowingly provided them with a false name that caused them to complete an interference with official acts charge on a person who did not commit the offense.

Welker was charged with malicious prosecution, interference with official acts, criminal mischief, theft and possession of burglar’s tools.

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